Change Patient ID number

  • I inherited a multisite conquest system a while back, and have been upgrading and fixing minor issues since then.
    Now I think I stand in front of my biggest challenge.

    The current way patient ID's are generated can result sometimes in duplicate ID numbers being generated.
    We came up with a new way of assigning patient ID's but would like to change the old patient ID's to match the new ones, as not to confuse anyone here.

    I checked the manual and started looking at LUA scripts to see if there is something we can run on all images already in the database, but it doesn't look like it.
    Can someone confirm this?

    And if that doesn't work, my next thinking was to set up a second conquest instance, copy all images from the first to the second instance and make the necessary manipulations while copying.
    But then I'm also kinda unsure on how to create a list with the current patient ID's and the new ones and have conquest do the changes on the fly.

    Or use an external dicom editor to edit the images and then re-index?

    Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    the best way may be to create a batch file using commands like:

    dgate "--modifystudy:oldpatid,,newuids; set PatientID to ""newpatid"""

    This would assign new identifiers to all data of 'oldpatid', modify the patient ID to 'newpatid' and reindex the modified data.


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