• Hi all,

    the latest version V0.9.8 is out!

    lot's of new features, above all:

    - internal POP3 and SMTP client using the great INDY components
    - ZIP compression of outgoing mails and automatic decompression
    - Automatic merging and import of splitted e-mails
    - New layout modes in the viewer, above all independend layouts in dual monitor use!
    - "AutoLoad" of series . This means, studies of a series will be distributed to the available views automatically.
    - New short cut to synchronize individual series

    - revised DICOM creation module, now compliant to the Secondary Capture IOD
    - flicker free scout line display
    - orientation lable fix

    have fun and please report any problems or feature requests,


  • Hi

    I might be going mad here, but the version of K-PACS I have downloaded appears to be version 0.9.7!

    It is exactly the same size as 0.9.7, and when I install and upgrade, the software tells me it is 0.9.7.


  • Both options are actually reserved for the professional version.

    Nevertheless you can at least activate or deactivate "AutoLoad" in the K-PACS.ini file with the entry


    set '0' for disabled or '1' for enabled

    "Auto tile" will not be available for K-PACS. This feature is the heart of the oncomming hanging protocol implementation in iQ-View with advanced, script based layouting


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