move modality files from mag0 to mag1 of mag2

  • Hi,

    I have one US logic3 and one CR agfa, I put linux server with one hardisk "Centos 6" 2 years ago, now I buy 2 external hardisks from seagate, works fine, my cfg is:

    MAGDevice0 = /data/
    MAGDevice1 = /data1/
    MAGDevice2 = /data2/

    I put in lua:


    ImportConverter0 = if Data.Modality=='US' then Data.Storage='MAG1' end;
    ImportConverter1 = if Data.Modality=='CR' then Data.Storage='MAG2' end;

    these move automatic works fine, but in my mag0 have pacients with mixed files "US and CR in one directory", I need to reorganize mag0, for this I need one way to move from mag0 to mag1 all US files,

    anyone have any idea how to do this? I tried in most LUA unable :(

  • so I can create a temporary server on a PC, copy this main disk to create mag0 there, then connect to the new server and sending all studies?

    if so, what command to send all studies to the new server?

    I liked the solution if I understood correctly is super simple to implement :)

    Thanks Marcel,

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