Error after modifying DICOM header

  • I am getting the following error after modifying DICOM header

    The file does not have enought data for the image size:c:\KPacs\...
    Image start: 1554
    Image size: 2097152
    Slice: 1
    File Size: 2098704

    I modified the patient ID, Name, DOB and Accession number.

    Images still open OK after clicking OK for each image.

    Only discovered KPacs yesterday and I am already converted. Looking forward to increased funtionality.

  • Thanks for the report,

    I think this error message is not caused by the modifying process but by some system resource problem. I know that K-PACS still has some memory leaks that could cause it to crash or show strange error messages. I'am working on that problem and every update will make it a little more stable.

    Best regards,


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