moving files to conquest

  • Hi Marcel and all the others,
    is it possible to move folders to the conquest server, not just copying them?
    I know the drag and drop solution with the GUI, but my wish for the next christmas would be to have a small switch to change from copy to really move.
    My backgroud is to consolidate dicom files with more than 7GB and I would like to see in the source folders at the end of the "move" process only the files that could not be moved.

    Best regards and a happy new year.

  • Hi,

    in 1.4.16 there is an incoming folder, that should suit your needs. However, it wil - not - leave images that cannot be processed. It deletes everything it finds. Otherwise it would retry failed files forever.


  • Hi Marcel,
    thank you very much for your quick answer. Would you please be so kind and explane to me as a dummy where I can find the import folder? And how to use it?
    Best regards and Happy new Year! :D

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