query/retrieve with CTN

  • I'm trying to setup K-Pacs to work with CTN, but am running into an issue with the Q/R function. I can successfully query the CTN server, but when I launch the viewer I only see a black image. Local studies work only if I import them w/ the import dialogue. I have the CTN server enabled with verbose logging and think there might be an issue the UIDs. I saw a similar post about this happening with conquest and wanted to see if this is the same issue. One of the posts mentioned that K-Pacs was working with CDMedic, and since CDMedic is based on CTN, I was hoping that it would be compatible.

    Thanks, and by the way the K-Pacs looks very professional - i really hope i can get it working,


  • Hello saltere,
    thanks for your report.
    It sounds like you have a similar problem to the one Christian reported with Conquest. I fixed the retrieve failure for him with a not yet published version. I will send it to you via mail. If it works for you to, I will update the official version as soon as possible.


  • Hello there,
    I just updated last version 0.9.2 with a bugfix for some retrieval problems from certain servers. Pulling from conquest with activated JPEG option is now possible. Even CTN based server should work now, please report if not. The update is available in the download section.


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