IQView slow down

  • Hi there,

    We currently export images to a thumbdrive using the export > copy to directory > send to.. function. We have been doing this for the last 6 mths and the time it takes to get the window up after selecting "copy to directory" option has slowed down immensely. We would do this function probably 25-30 times per day.

    I suspect this is a windows problem though, as it seems that every time you access the "copy to directory" function I think it must be saving a small file somewhere in order to speed up subsequent requests.

    My question is: Does someone know where these files are kept so that I can erase them/stop them being stored to start with? I have looked in folder options and other places but to no avail.

    Any help would be great!

  • Hi Andreas,

    Sorry about the many months of no reply.

    The image box is large!! We delete files off there every month, as when the system was set up it was intended that IQView would store the images like a PACS server (don't ask me why). Irrespective of how many images are on the imagebox, the explorer window that comes up when you click 'copy to directory' is forever slowing down.

    The windows indexing IS enabled.

    Any feedback you have would be great. The compnay that installed the system does not know how to fix this issue.


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