upgrade procedures

  • I was going over our existing conquest servers and am planning on upgrading them from 1.4.16 to 1.4.17beta2
    I upgraded one of the servers earlier this year, and I just copied all the files to the same directory as my current installation.

    Is that the right way to go?
    Because I think there are a bunch of files there now that aren't doing anything and are redundant.
    Is there an upgrade procedure available for major version updates?



  • Hi,

    the easiest and safest way to upgrade is just to replace dgate(64).exe after backing up the previous versions. There is an upgrade paragraph in the manual (2.1.3) but that is basically what it says. Other exe and dll files are for the GUI which can be updated pretty much independently. An older GUI will always work with a newer dgate.exe.

    From 1.4.16 there are no redundant files I think, from older versions maybe the dcm(c/d)jpeg exe's which can actually still be enabled through dicom.ini.


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