Conquest and html5+js DICOM viewer (DWV), dwv025 below

  • Hi, thanks for the update of the lua file, I'll integrate it to the dwv github repository.

    The changes between versions are described on the release page: The big changes (introduced at 0.15) is the support for multi-frame data, the usage of web workers and its internationalisation. This added some script/language file dependency that you added in the lua file. In 0.15 you could not set the file location, in 0.16 you can.

    The release zip file contains the minified version of dwv and its dependencies. I would keep it where you unzipped it and reference its path in the lua file.

  • I could not connect Conquet 1.4.19 and dwv 0.21 or dwv 0.16


    dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:9944 Uncaught TypeError: t.t is not a function
    at Object.u.i18n (dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:9944)
    at dwv.gui.Scroll.setup (appgui.js:187)
    at u.tool.Scroll.setup (dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:9693)
    at u.tool.Toolbox.setup (dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:9723)
    at ToolboxController.setup (dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:656)
    at App.init (dwv-0.22.0-beta.min.js:237)
    at HTMLDocument. (dgate.exe?port=5678&address=
    at j (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:2)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:2)
    at Function.ready (jquery-2.1.4.min.js:2)

    so I tried to pick the old one for wich lua script was in Conquest's package. It was 0.16
    And even here it failed to work with error

    dwv-0.16.0.min.js:4978 GET…4671.21225.1451901264.721
    500 (Internal Server Error)

    But I suppose this one can be solved on server side, but i have no idea how.

    cgi script
    works fine

    dgate itself also gives everything. but when I ask for image it failes to handle. Any help would be precious.

  • I just updated the lua scripts (see commit 817a606). They go with the current beta (0.22.0-beta) and should also work with version 0.21.0 (you need to change the version in the lua). For now I just tested with Conquest 1.4.17 on Windows.

  • DWV version 0.22 is still in beta and will not go out soon (give it one or two months), would it be possible to rename and update the file for v0.21?

    I hope it is working fine, did you have time to test it?

  • The dwv viewer can be integrated in conquest 1.4.19c1 as follows:

    create file dwv_starter.lua with the following code in conquest/webserver/cgi-bin/newweb:

    Then, use the web installer (conquest/install/windows.bat), to set it up in the web interface; or manually add it to cgi-bin/dicom.ini or cgi-bin/newweb/dicom.ini. The dwv-simplistic release must be put in htdocs/dwv-simplistic as described in the header of the source code.


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