Conquest DICOM server 1.4.14 released

  • Hi,

    sorry, my mistake. In maklinux_mysql must be changed from DPOSTGRES to DUSEMYSQL.

    Certainly the new (18.11.2007) declaration of SQLLEN respective SQLResultLength makes
    me now problems in vrtosql.cpp, device.cpp, dbsql.cpp, odbci.cpp and dgate.cpp:

    It's possible to correct this perhaps? I don't have ability for it.

    Many thanks, regards

  • Hi,

    thanks, I hope, this is the last one.
    There are an error in conversion from 'int*' to 'SDWORD*' yet
    in vrtosql.cpp, device.cpp, dbsql.cpp and odbci.cpp:


    vrtosql.cpp: In function ‘BOOL QueryOnStudy(DICOMDataObject*, Array<DICOMDataObject*>*)’:
    vrtosql.cpp:706: error: invalid conversion from ‘int*’ to ‘SDWORD*’
    vrtosql.cpp:706: error: initializing argument 5 of ‘virtual BOOL Database::BindField(UWORD, SWORD, void*, SDWORD, SDWORD*)’

    Thank you for your friendly help.
    Kind regards dicomixrt

  • Hi Marcel,

    thanks, success - dgate runs now!


    kannix:/home/didi/dax# ./dgate -v
    DGATE (1.4.14, build Sun Sep 14 20:16:40 2008) is running as threaded server

    There are well known warnings jet:


    dgate.cpp:1136:9: warning: multi-character character constant
    /tmp/ccCTCl7S.o: In function `NamedPipe::Create()':
    total.cxx:(.text+0x6798): warning: warning: fattach is not implemented and will always fail

    I hope I could contribute to your marvellous projekt - a little bit -
    and will posting my results later after verifikations finally.

    Have a good time

  • Question on some web function with the K-PACS activeX plug-in. When viewing the image on the web page, is it true DICOM or as jpg? Can you scroll through the set of images and change window / level? What capabilities do you have in the image viewing within the web viewer? Thanks!

    Donnie Torok

  • Hi Donnie,

    The ActiveX plugin (in 1.4.14. edit the web version of dicom.ini to use seriesviewer), transmits the original DICOM data, although it may be recompressed and downsized depending on your config. You can change level and window and zoom on the fly. If you scroll to other slices, they are collected from the server, which takes a little bit of time. However, the web browser cache keeps slices that you have been to, and going back and forth through the stack is very fast after the first time.


  • Thanks. Am wondering - is there a working example of the seriesviewer activeX I could try? I'd like to see if it performs better than the Radscaper I've been using (with PACSOne). Do you have any opinion? Are there limits to the amount of users / AETitles that can be used in Conquest? Will Conquest with the seriesviewer work over an Internet connection to allow a referring physician to see his images on an imaging center's server? Is there security in place so that referring physicians or reading radiologists will only see the studies they are allowed to see?

    Donnie Torok

  • Hi,

    I am not aware of a running one on the internet. You will have to try to install the server yourself. Furthermore, there is little or no security built-in. Some have added some security on (see forum).


  • First thank you for all your work on Conquest!

    I'm having trouble getting Conquest to work with MySQL on CentOS5 (Linux) and would appreciate any help.
    Mysql is installed along with mysql-devel (which provides libmysqlclient, etc).

    I've edited odbci.hpp to use "#define SQLLEN int" and corrected the define in maklinux_mysql ( -DUSEMYSQL).
    The make completes with just the warnings (multi-character).

    Next I used phpmyadmin to create an empty "conquest" database. However the tables never get created or populated
    when I execute ./dgate -v -r.

    I do get a "***DB error" (table creation ?) but don't get any errors recorded in log files.

    Output from dgate -v -r:
    --SNIP --
    Image Database
    ***DB error
    Step 2: Load / Add DICOM Object files
    Regen Device 'MAG0'
    ***[Regen] ./data/HEAD_EXP_00097038/0001_003000_892665662.v2 -FAILED: Error SQL Add
    ***[Regen] ./data/HEAD_EXP_00097038/0001_002000_892665661.v2 -FAILED: Error SQL Add
    Regeneration Complete

    I saw note 12: From the release notes for this version
    "12) Native mysql database name not saved correctly in dicom.ini"

    However when I edit dicom.ini see "SQLServer = conquest" in the file (which is correct ?).

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you,

  • Please disregard the previous post!.

    I have 1.4.144 working with MySQL on CentOS5. When I created the "conquest" database I didn't set a password
    AND I made an incorrect comment line when editing odbci.hpp ( I didn't use the proper syntax ). I hadn't seen the error
    when odbci was compiled.

    Thanks again for a great program - and sorry for the "noise"


  • Hey, we've switched to using this in production now as it has gotten so useful. Still on wishlist for webviewer:

    -pre-caching the images as you view
    -either preset buttons for W/C to switch easily to something like bone view, and/or allow dgate.exe cgi to accept w/c levels and set them in the viewer

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